The first of the Webinar sessions was held in Serbian!


The first of the Webinar sessions planned in accordance with the travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic was held in Serbian.

The event to introduce “PVC Profile Processing Center – PIM 6508” in details held on Wednesday, June 17 at 12:00 (Turkish time) was started with the opening speeches given by Ali Snopçe, Sales and Marketing Manager, followed by Shevval Adili, Sales Representative of the Balkans Region.


In his presentation, Mr. Adilli gave a number of details including other industrial equipment used in the machine, and its processing capacity etc., and then, the business partners from Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, and companies such as Mers Yapı, and BP Metal gave speeches, and the event continued with a contest the winner of which won one Portable Miter Saw – KD 305.  The Webinar rich in visuals and contents continued with a live performance of “PVC Profile Processing Center –  PIM 6508”, and Vasfi Şahin, Chief, After-Sales Support.

The Webinar event where the registered attendees of the program were informed of an additional special campaign will be held in the same format for other machine models too.

Join Our First Webinar!


Due to the COVID19 crisis, we follow a new way to help you to increase your productivity with our solutions! Join our first #webinar for the Balcan countries as Serbian at 17th June, 11.00 on here and #stayathome.

Zbog COVID-19  krize  sledimo novi način da vam pomognemo da našim proizvodima povećate vašu produktivnost! Pridružite se našem prvom #Vebinaru za Balkanske zemlje u 17 Juni , 11.00 sati .  #stayathome.

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Eurasia Window, held simultaneously with Eurasia Door and Eurasia Glass every year is recognized as the most important trade show in Eurasia. Eurasia Window 2020 held in Istanbul TUYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center between March 4, 2020 and March 7, 2020 hosted thousands of industrial professionals from more than ten countries around the world, and presented the latest technologies to visitors.

Yılmaz Machine welcomed its visitors, and domestic and foreign partners in Hall 7 at Eurasia Window 2020, the trade show  that hosted industrial professionals and the firms operating in various fields such as window manufacturing machines, window manufacturing technologies, window profiles, profile manufacturing machines, profile manufacturing technologies, window mechanisms, window sub-industry, facade systems, and insulation materials.




Yılmaz Machine exhibited its high-tech, functional, fast, and high-end machines made to meet customer requirements in Hall 7 at Eurasia’s most important trade show to exhibit window/profile manufacturing technologies and machines.

At the trade show where PIM-6509, AIM-4420, SK-500, SNM-550, and NCR-300, the machines designed  and manufactured by Yılmaz Machine’s R&D  team were exhibited  Abdullah Yılmaz, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Yılmaz Machine emphasized that Yılmaz Machine could compete with its rivals in other countries not only on price but also on quality and technology. “This year we participated in many trade shows at which we held more business meetings than the previous year. We got together with many business partners from Turkey and other countries, and had the chance of discussing our future strategies. In terms of our sector, Eurasia Window is the most important trade show held in Eurasia. Every year, thousands of companies exhibit their newest products and services here, and present their new technologies to manufacturers and end users. At Yılmaz Machine, although we were not so afraid of potential coronavirus threats, we took all the necessary health and safety precautions before we exhibited the machines developed by our R&D teams of Turkish engineers. We are very happy with industrial professionals’ interest in our products. Yilmaz Machine is dedicated to supply its customers with the latest technology at reasonable prices without compromising on quality. We are proud of achieving this with our domestic and national resources. Our business partners, and visitors, I should like to thank you all for your support.




“NCR-300, the CNC-controlled 4-axis machine” was the first innovative machine exhibited by Yılmaz Machine at Eurasia Window, and the newest model developed by Yılmaz Machine’s R&D team. The NCR-300 made for medium to high segment markets has the same features with CNC machines, and attracted attention for its more advantageous price. The NCR-300, designed and manufactured in accordance with the feedbacks from Yılmaz Machine’s domestic and international customers, features a ready-made stencil that can allow the user to adjust the dimensions according to the workpiece to have various types of patterns, and to save the new patterns for reuse. The NCR-300 has a unique and distinctive feature that many CNC machines do not have: The NCR-300 is capable of processing four surfaces on profiles in in one go, and this helps users save considerable amount of time.



“AIM-4420 Aluminum Profile Processing Center”, the high-tech machine specifically designed to perform machining, drilling, grooving, notching, taping, and sawmilling on all types of aluminum and PVC profiles, light alloys, and thin-walled carbon alloy steel profiles was the second product Yılmaz Machine showed at the trade show. AIM-4420, the CNC-controlled 4-axis machine with advanced asymmetrical construction was designed to meet customer requirements such as manufacturing speed.


“PIM-6509 PVC Profile Processing Center” was the third of Yılmaz Machine’s high-tech machines exhibited at the trade show, and like the NCR-300, the PIM-6509 made in accordance with the feedbacks from Yılmaz Machine’s domestic and international customers helps manufacturers that manufacture doors, windows, and sun rooms in construction sector save time. The PIM-6509’s processing module enables the use of 10 different types of lathes and triple boring, and the machine can process profiles in one axis without changing tools to save considerable amount of time, and saving time also refers to manufacturing more number of frames.








Yılmaz Machine’s Sales Summit was held with a broad participation at DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul in the evening on March 5, 2020.

Yılmaz Machine’s first Sales Summit held with the participation of tens of invited business partners, who were in Istanbul to visit Eurasia Window, the invitees were informed about Yılmaz Machine’s future strategies, and  the company’s dealers who exhibited great performance in 2019 were given “Loyalty”, “R&D”, “The Best Selling Innovative Product ”, and “Turnover” awards.


Eyüp Yılmaz, Chairman, Board of Directors, Yılmaz Machine, and Ali Snopçe, Sales and Marketing Manager, Yılmaz Machine, and Serdar Akgül, Domestic Sales Manager, Yılmaz Machine were present at the opening of the Summit where a moment of silence was observed for the Turkish soldiers killed in Idlib. At the opening of the Summit, Eyüp Yılmaz, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yılmaz Machine gave a speech and emphasized that Yılmaz Machine kept growing with the company’s business partners, and said  “We all and altogether established Yılmaz Machine”.




In his speech, Ali Snopçe, Sales and Marketing Manager mentioned about Yılmaz Machine’s new objectives and strategies, and said “Apart from R&D and innovation, we can have a competitive edge, if we accelerate our manufacturing processes”. Serdar Akgül, Domestic Sales Manager presented Yılmaz Machine’s domestic sales statistics in 2019 to the audience, and informed Yılmaz Machine’s dealers about the prize system based on win-win perspectives. Following Serdar Akgül’s presentation, the dealers expressed their opinions and recommendations on the company’s business processes, and future strategies in an interactive session. The company’s dealers who exhibited great performance in 2019 were given “Loyalty”, “R&D”, “The Best Selling Innovative Product”, and “Turnover” awards, after the opening speeches, and Serdar Akgül’s presentation.


About Yılmaz Machine

Yilmaz Machine, established in 1977 sells equipment, and spare parts, and accessories for commissioning profile processing equipment, and provides spare part sales, technical support, maintenance and repair services.

Continuing its sales and manufacturing activities in different countries and continents, and exporting to more than 85 countries around the world, Yılmaz Machine has an over 65-dealer network worldwide.

Yılmaz Machine adopted the principle of development, uses its solution partners’ mechatronics, pneumatics, hydraulics and hydropneumatics technologies, and provides research, development, design, production, sales, and after sales services to meet ever-changing needs.

Yılmaz Machine gives priority to the benefits of its business sector, society, and individuals as it rapidly grows, and continues making investments to increase its manufacturing capacity to help its homeland and industry grow.

Yilmaz Machine based its business activities on certain principles such honesty, respect, social peace, humanism, and superior quality guarantees to manufacture reliable and high-quality products that are customer-oriented, competitive, open to continuous development, and that meet global standards.

After-Sales Support Service Cards have been launched!


After-Sales Support Service Cards have been launched

The “Service Cards” we issued to improve the quality of our after-sales support services have been put up for sale. These cards are available in three categories such as “installation”, “technical support”, and “spare parts” with three distinctive names representing their advantages…


The “Platinum Card” offers 3,000 minutes remote access per year, on-site servicing and/or installation three times a year, 20% off your spare parts purchases, free twenty profile software for use with CNC Corner Cleaning Machines (CNC 608-610) for one year, 20% off service and repair, and training expenses limited to travel and accommodation for once are covered upon request.*

For detailed information about the other cards namely “Gold” and “Silver”, which offer the similar but less number of advantages, please do not hesitate to contact our After Sales Support team at, and/or our Sales Team using the number or email address given below:

Please kindly note that as of 2020, warranty terms will be reduced from two years to one year; so, we strongly recommend you to benefit from the advantages of the cards.

Our Training Videos are Released!


Our Training Videos are Released!

We have commenced our “Training Videos” Project designed to facilitate and accelerate the businesses of our business partners and end-users.

You can watch some of the series of short videos showing how to “install/setup”, “service and repair” on our YouTube channel, and contact our After Sales Support team at for other videos. Please note that ten videos showing cutting, mullion, and lathe groups have been released, and other videos showing Double Corner Welding Machine (DK 502), PVC Corner Cleaning Machine (CA 603), and 3-Motor Spindle Copy Router Machine (CRM 250 S), etc. will be released soon.

For your video requests please contact us on WhatsApp using the numbers given below, and give your email address.

  • WhatsApp (Turkey): +90 533 301 96 60
  • WhatsApp (International): +90 533 052 79 43

Our Mobıle Applıcatıon ıs On Broadcast


Our mobile application installed for to introduce our available and new models better and to communicate through push notifications, was broadcasted. You can download the application in which features of request sharing with video on the subjects of receiving address description, technical service and spare part belonging to the nearest vendor to your cell phones or tables such as IOS (Apple) and Android (Samsung, LG, Sony,Asus etc.) by means of Google Maps and Yandex Navigation.

Profile Cutting Center (6505) Training Has Been Given at Our Manufacturing Plant


Eray Çelik, our R&D Manager held a briefing session to announce the ongoing improvement studies at our new manufacturing plant in Dilovası.

In this context, the improvements mentioned at the briefing included the cutting angle increased from +/-30° to +/-45°, and the additional clamps that allow cutting small pieces up to 10mm.

Besides, the model improved to enhance cutting performance and quality, and to reduce losses will be mass manufactured soon.

We Have A New Webpage!


We have updated and improved our website to create a better experience on visitors who use smartphones and tablets to access the site. Please visit our Website at for information about our old and new models, and to request an offer.

Yılmaz Line March 2019 Published!


Every September and March, we prepared for you Yilmaz Line Magazine March 2019 issue has been published! You can find the related journal in the ''Media'' section.

Our Istanbul Meeting Event, and Booth at Eurasia Windows Fair Attracted a Great Deal of Attention...


At Yılmaz Machine celebrating our 42nd anniversary, we took pride in hosting our guests between March 6 and 9, 2019.

Many international dealers and their representatives were participated in the annually held traditional Istanbul Meeting (“Istanbul Buluşması”) event, the first edition of which was held in 2015 only with the participation of our domestic dealers.  The event held at DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul – Avcılar began with the opening speeches respectively given by Eyüp Yılmaz, Vice Chairman; Ali Snopçe, General Manager, Sales and Marketing Department; Barış Yıldırım, Marketing Director; Vasfi Şahin, Chief, After Sales Support Department, and Eray Çelik, Director, R&D Department.

The event held in line with the concept of “We Deliver Solution”, included a quiz. At the pleasant quiz event, the contestants were asked several easy and difficult questions about Yılmaz Machine, and the winner passed through the labyrinth to reach the “solution” and won an iPhone X.

At the event held by Yılmaz Machine, the exporter that exports technology to “85 countries in 5 continents” several awards such as “Loyalty, R&D, and The Best Rollout”, and turnover awards were given on the basis of the continents of “Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, and America”.

At Yılmaz Machine’s booth located in the same usual place at Eurasia Window Fair that started on the same day with the event, we introduced our old and new models. The first “5-axis Aluminum Profile Processing Center” (AIM7510) manufactured in Turkey was introduced to our domestic and international visitors, and our dealers visited our manufacturing plant where they had the chance of examining some of our new models on-site, on Thursday, the 7th of March.

Our dealers and the industrial media representatives met at the dinner at BIGET & STEAK on Friday, the 8th of March, and the fair was ended on Saturday, the 9th of March.

Yılmaz Machinery New Catalogs Published!


We share our new catalogs prepared in three different categories (Aluminum, PVC, Hardware) on our website for easier access to our visitors. Related catalogs Pdf. in the format '' Media ''.


The Fıfth edıtıon of Turquoıse Days was Held under the Theme of “Entertaınment”


The fifth edition of Turquoise Days, the event held regularly every year since 2017 with an aim to improve communication between the departments within Yılmaz Machine, and to put the synergy occurs into use in effective business processes, was held with the participation of sales, marketing, finance, and after-sales support departments. As a distinction from the previous editions, the bowling tournament held at the event under the theme of entertainment was very received great appreciation, and the winners of the tournament won various prizes.


The AIM 7510 Saves Time and Reduces Costs!


The important advantages of using a fully automated AIM 7510 include opening holes in 5 surfaces of the profiles, and high performance in tapping and scoring operations, high-speed operations, and low operating costs.

For further information, see our Yilmaz Line in March 2019. (p.14-15-16)

Watch The Introductory Video Of Our Production Facility!


We proudly present the introductory video of our production facility established in IMES OSB Dilovasi,Kocaeli, in 2016.
Please visit our Youtube channel to watch the introductry video of our manufacturing facilitiy, the manufacturing capacity of the facility is 100 thousand unit per annum, it features 28 thousand square meters indoors area and it is the sector's first manufacturing facility that fatures '' Green Building Technology ''

TOOLQUAZ Line Expands Together With Furniture And Woodworking Industries!


The new models of ToolQuaz -previously remanufactured to comply with Italian quality standards for use in PVC and aluminum models- are being manufactured, and will be launched for processing materials such as wood (melamine coated chipboard), laminated board, and MDF soon. The initial tests on the saws with a diameter of 300mm intended for use in portable angular cutting models used by furniture manufacturers and woodworking plants are being conducted,
and mass manufacturing of these saws that were improved and optimized according to our customers’ feedback have been commenced.

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10002:2014 Audıts were conducted!


Our TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Assurance System Certificate, the guarantee of our product and service quality was reissued after the audit conducted from November 8 to November 13 by AND, the auditor company. At Yılmaz Machine, we also certified our decisiveness on providing customer satisfaction with the ISO 10002:2014 Quality Management-Customer Satisfaction assurance certificate first time this year.

Bahçeşehir Unıversıty Students Vısıted Our Factory


The Bahçeşehir University, The Faculty of Medicine third grade students realized a visit to our factory which is found in Dilovası, with the aim of seeing the applications on the subject of work health and safety and take information. Within the framework of the technical tour, our workplace doctor Dr. Çetin Özen gave information to the students who had found the chance to observe the safety measures taken in the workplace and the other technological facilities. A plate was presented to the Ass. Prof. Melike Erkoç Yavuz, on behalf of the Bahçeşehir University.

The Fourth of “The Turqoıse Days” was organısed ın BUMED (Boğaziçi Unıversıty Alumnı Assocıatıon)


The fourth of the “Turqoise Days”, organised for to increase the communication between departments and to provide personal development through the trainings that are received. In 14th July, in an activity organise in BUMED (BUAA) Cenk Sağdam, the Education and Performance Development Consultant of PDR International, one of the most deep-rooted corporate education and consultancy firms, gave the education of “Vendor Channel Management”. The education which involved in the subjects such as the motivation, team work, positive thinking and time management, ended up with applica applications which can be adapted to real life easily.

Arslan Kayaoğlu Joıned Us as Our Factory Manager!


Arslan Kayaoğlu, who has performed duty in the machine manufacturing for long years, has joined in the Yilmaz Machine family as the factory manager in March of this year. We wish success to Arslan Kayaoğlu who has experience in fields such as the business management, production, production planning, sub-industry, quality control, and productivity in the manufacture and we feel the excitement of producing new projects together, in the future.​

The '' Istanbul Meetings 2018 '' Event Will Be Held On March 7


The fourth of our annual '' Istanbul Meetings '', the first of which was held in 2015, will be held with  the participation of our domestic and international dealers at DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul - Avcılar on March 7. The board of Directors and the Sales, Marketing, After Sales Support and R&D teams will give presentations at the reception that will be held on the first day of the Eurosia Window and Door Fair 2018, one of the most prestigios exhibiton of the industry. The receptions will be include an interactive survey, unlike it the past years, and will end with an award giving ceremony and dinner as usual.

New ToolQuaz Model Coming Soon!


Studies have been started for the new model of ToolQuaz Industrial (Circle) Saws, which have been re-produced with Italian quality and launched in "Istanbul Meetings" that took place last year. In addition to previous models developed for PVC and aluminum profiles, the new model, which is designed to process only wood, is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2018.      

Our New Adjustable/Portable Miter Saw Machines On Sale!


Our KD-KY 310 (B) models, which we developed as an upper segment of our existing KD-KY 305 models, have a lever and automatic braking system in terms of increasing the functionality, are on sale! You can find detailed information on our website and you can demand it from our dealers.

The Second of Turkuaz Days Realized.


The second of Turkuaz Days, organized to increase the communication between different departments and to discuss new projects, took place in July.

Sinan Ergin, a successful consultant and educator attended the meeting held in Boğaziçi University Graduates Association (BÜMED) with the participation of the Sales, Marketing and Post-Sales Support Departments and an interactive speech about "Whole Sale and Communication" was conducted.

Emphasizing that the company integrity cannot be ensured without ensuring the self-integrity of the individuals, and the importance of common values ​​in addition to common goals, Sinan Ergin shared his experiences about sales and interview styles and ended his speech with a funny test.

Yılmaz Received Domestic Good Certificate!


We have been entitled to receive the "Domestic Good Certificate" issued by the Ministry of Science, Trade and Industry! Thanks to the certificate which our specific machine models have it, an incentive support up to 15% can be benefited from.

Our 10th Participation in BATEV Fair!


We participated in the BATEV fair held in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina between June 28th and July 1st. With our office in Argentina, we had the opportunity to exhibit the PVC Welding and Corner Cleaning Line (CCL 1660) at the fair, where we attended for the tenth time, and we were able to meet new customers.

Yılmaz Machine participated in 20th 2017 BATIMATEC Fair organized in Algeria.


Yılmaz Machine, which manufactures PVC and aluminum profile processing machines and exports them to 85 countries worldwide with more than 120 dealers; participated the BATIMATEC Building Materials and Machinery Fair held in Algeria on April 23-27th 2017, and came together with representatives of domestic and foreign sector representatives.

In the fair held in Algeria city, Algeria, the single-station composite panel processing machine (CPM 4150), as well as different models such as double head mitre saw and welding models were exhibited in a 112-square-meter stand area. Yılmaz Machine participated in the fair with its Algeria dealer, the stand attracted lots of visitors.

Yılmaz Machine "Turquoise Days" Started!


The first of Turquoise Days, which will be held regularly in quarterly periods, took place at BUMED Facilities on Saturday, May 6, 2017.

It was stated that troubleshooting-focused decisions were taken at the evaluation meeting which was composed of Yılmaz Machinery Sales, Marketing and Technical Service departments, led by Ali Snopçe, the General Manager Responsible for Sales and Marketing.

After the meeting, the colleagues gathered at lunch at BUMED Facility.

WinDoor-tech 2017 (Budma) Ended.


WinDoor-tech (Budma) 2017, one of the Europe's most important door and window fairs, was held in Poland's Poznan city on February 7-10. The fair, which we attended with our dealer in the region and had the chance to exhibit our new products, was very active.

Yılmaz Machine became the 360th R & D center of Turkey


The R&D unit of Yılmaz Machine, which took the industry's first Green Building Technology production facility with an indoor area of ​​28.000 square meters into operation, was announced as the R&D Center by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.

With the "R&D Center", which will give an impetus to the innovations presented by Yılmaz Machine, new projects will be supported both financially and technically; and the studies performed in 2.500 square meters R & D office and on the Prototype will become even more systematic.

In order for the companies to obtain the R & D center certificate, which also provides various financial supports; a series of criteria mainly a minimum of 15 full-time R & D staff working in the status of researcher and technician has to be met.

Yılmaz Machine R & D Center started the operation.


Yılmaz Machine, one of the first companies to come to mind in terms of R & D, continues to invest in this area without slowing down. Yılmaz Machine, the leading manufacturer of PVC and aluminium profile processing machines in the sector, continues to invest in technology and industry as well as R&D center with a factory area of ​​1.500 square meters.

Mahmut Yılmaz, the Investment Project Manager of the R&D Center of Yılmaz Machine, said that the R&D center provides two main advantages to the company: financial and technical advantages. "Financial advantages are primarily the SSI employer share support, R&D discount and also income tax withholding discount; whereas, the technical advantages include the creation of R&D culture within the company, the systematization of R&D projects, as well as the serious advantages provided by the public and grant programs following the receipt of the R&D center certificate approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology".

Evaluating the basic point of view of the public on the R&D centers, Yılmaz stated that as Turkey goes to 2023 targets, the institutions have to be more technology-oriented, to produce high value added products and to increase their exports.

Yılmaz Machine Held Traditional Fastbreak Programs!


Yılmaz Machine Family held the annual fastbreak programs organized traditionally this year with the participation of Suppliers, Personnel and Dealers.

Firstly, the 12th Supplier Fastbreak Dinner was held in Ümraniye Branch of Ramadan Bingol on June 8th, 2016. Then, all the team mates gathered in Personnel Fastbreak Dinner at Ümraniye Branch of Ramadan Bingol on June 15, 2016. The last fastbreak program in Ramadan was held with Dealers at Burhaniye Branch of Nakkaş Kebap on June 16th, 2016

Yılmaz Machine, which found opportunity to talk with all the participants in the fastbreak programs, showed once again the warm family atmosphere with Ramadan’s fertility, fraternity and tolerance.

ToolQuaz Brochure Published!


ToolQuaz Brochure, our brand of Industrial Circular Saw reproduced with Italian quality, was published. The brochure, which presents all the technical details and prices of the models 300°, 350°, 400°, 420°, 450° and 550°, can be downloaded from the "Media" section of our website or you can request it from us.

Our new head office started to deliver service!


Over the past few months, Yılmaz Machine has moved to a production facility, with 28.000 square meters of indoor area and built with the "Green Factory" technology, and has opened a center office in the sector for the first time.

There are Sales and Operations, Marketing, Finance and Post-Sale Support departments in the Çerkezköy area where the production was made previously. At the back side of the office built on a total indoor area of 300 square meters, there is also a showroom with 900 square meters area in order to exhibit a wide range of product.   

Post-Sales Support Department can deliver instant support to 85 countries remotely for both the technical support and the spare part procurement in the area, where various chats, training and workshop studies are to be held.       

The production started in our new production facility!


The production was started in our new production facility in İMES OSB in Dilovası, whose construction was started in 2014 and which has 40.000 square meters outdoor and 28.000 square meters indoor area.

There are a congress hall and social and cultural areas like winter garden and exhibition center in the facility, which has been built with Green Building Technology, where the waste waters are re-used, and the Fan-coil unit system is preferred for the heating and the energy is saved by means of daylight taken maximally by specially designed roof and window system.

Sales-Marketing, Finance and After-Sales Support departments serve in the central office in Taşdelen, Çekmeköy; while the departments such as Production and Planning, Purchasing, Accounting, Information Processing and Human Resources deliver the service in the facility, where there is also a 2.500 square meters R&D department. 

2016 Istanbul Door and Window Fair ended


2016 Istanbul Door and Window Fair held between the dates March 8-11 in TÜYAP Fair and Congress Center ended.

In the fair, where we were at the stand number 712 with a 440 square meters area in 7th Hall, we exhibited the models like PVC Profile Processing Center (PIM 6508), PVC Welding and Corner Cleaning Line (CCL 1660), Composite Panel Processing Machine (CPM 4150) and Double Head Mitre Saw Machine (DC 421). Moreover, we also have the chance to promote the Radial Saw Machine (RYK 420), 3-Engine Copy Milling Machine (CRM 250 S) and Five Axes Aluminium Profile Processing Center (AIM 7510)-which has been produced in Turkey for the first time, in the fair, where we also exhibited our newly developed models.

The organization, in which a dinner at Ramazan Bingöl was organized with the participation of the dealers at home and abroad in the last day of fair, passed highly successful.

A First from Yılmaz Machine; “Istanbul Meetings 2016”


Yılmaz Machine, which brought together domestic dealers with the organization “Istanbul Meetings 2016” last year for the first time, launched also another novel this year, and held an organization by the participation of the dealers at home and abroad under the 39th year celebrations. 

The dealers from abroad were invited to the day session of the activity, which was held simultaneously with Istanbul Window Fair in Europark Hotel on March 10th. The meeting started with the opening speech of Board Member Abdullah Yılmaz, and then Sales and Marketing General Director Ali Snopçe took the stage. Following the presentations of Regional Sales Managers Mustafa Yıldız, Emre Tümkor and Operational Manager Hayati Asma; Barış Yıldırım and R&D Manager Eray Çelik addressed the marketing activities, and new models and their features, respectively.          

In the evening session, the opening of organization where the domestic dealers were invited, was made by Eyüp Yılmaz, the Chairman of the Board. Following the brief addressing and presentation of Ali Snopçe, Domestic Sales Manager Serdar Akgül cited the objectives and next year plans, and the meeting was ended with the presentation of Barış Yıldırım on Marketing, and of Eray Çelik on R&D.

The organization which is planned to be re-held next year ended with a pleasant dinner.   

Our Updated Catalogs Published!


Our “General Product Catalog”, where the machines that are updated with the improvements in our current models and also included within the “New Product Catalog”, has been published! Furthermore, you can download to your computer all the catalogs and brochures from “Media” section of our website where our “CNC Catalog” of our CNC Machine models has been updated, or you can ask for it.       

Third Issue of Yılmaz Line, the In-house Organ of Yılmaz Machine, Published!


Published with the topic of “Our Innovative Ideas are on Podium” and covering the new models exhibited at the İstanbul Window Fair in detail, the journal at the same time included “DNA of Yılmaz Machine”, where the company culture has been explained by Board Members.

The journal, which has also cited the new production facility planned to be moved to in the near feature, the Praktiker store in Bulgaria where the contract has been signed for the portable machine group, and the vacation notes on İstanbul and Nurnberg, can be downloaded from the “Media” section of our website or you can read it by clicking on this section.

Wish you a pleasant read… 



Aden Metal, our business partner and the contractor of Expo 2017, Kazakhstan, and Istanbul’s 3rd airport projects uses our CNC equipment.

Aden Metal, the contractor of the building facades of Kazakhstan’s Expo 2017 project, the door to the global trade expected to host 5 million visitors preferred to use CPM 6161, the double station panel processing machine, and AIM 7510, Turkey’s first  5-axis aluminium profile machining centre by Yılmaz.

CPM 6161 and AIM 7510 respectively the double station panel processing machine and Turkey’s first 5-axis aluminium machining centre, which carry the brand name of Yılmaz, have been the preferred equipment used by Aden Metal, the contractor of the construction of the roof system of the 150 million-passenger capacity airport, which will be Istanbul’s 3rd airport.

We wish and hope that these great projects the brand name of Yılmaz was involved in will bring good luck and be auspicious.

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  • Alüminyum
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