PWB 4100 - Pneumatic Work Bench


  • This table is designed to be used for mounting of door, window and blade profilles and their Windows
  • It can expand horizontally and vertically for big frames and blades
  • The upper surface of the table can be tilted to a 70° in order to carry out the mounting of the glasses
  • For pneumatic and electrical tools that will be used during the mountingprocess, the tablecomes equipped with a pneumatic quick connection and a electrical plug on the side
  • Width (W) X Length (L) X Height (h): W 1800-3250 mm X L 1700-2200mm X H 865mm
  • Maximum Frame Mounting Dimensions 3200 x 2800 mm
  • Loading capaci,ty: 350 kg


  • PVC
  • Alüminyum
  • Hırdavat