KP 110 - Pneumatic Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine


KP 110 machine is designed and constructed for the pneumatically crimping and correct assembly of aluminum profiles.
The machine is semiautomatic and the machining cycle of various units are manual controlled by user who always stays
outside of the dangerous area.

  • It is designed through the pneumatically crimping system
  • Cast iron construction of the body that is strong and lasting
  • Magnetic support of knives according to the shape and height of the profiles
  • Reading of the positioning value via millime ter special scales
  • Simultaneous stroke of crimping heads
  • Double-acting stroke of bracing clamp apears from the table
  • Support arms on the left and right of the machine
  • The machine is equiped with the foot pedals for the operation control during the machining cycle
  • Operator safety guard
  • Operating stroke of knives : 10.5 mm
  • Bracing clamp stroke: 80 mm
  • Adjustable stroke of knives: from 30 mm to 60 mm


• 1x3 mm, 1x5 mm and 1x7 mm crimping knives
• 2x pneumatic vertical clamps
• 2x profil support arms
• 2x allen key (4 and 5 mm)


• Special crimping knives


1.5 kW AC 3 PE 50-60 Hz 400V

7-10 Bar

25 lt./ min.

Max 100 Bar

3500 Kg x2

h = 120 mm. Max.

835 x 786 x 1308



  • PVC
  • Alüminyum
  • Hırdavat