DC 550 SKH - Double Head Mitre Saw Machine (Full Automatic)


DC 550 SKH is a full automatic sawing machine which is designed for the strait or angular cutting operations of
large size of profiles made of aluminum materials by means of double head sawing units equipped with Ø 550
mm of saw blades.

  • Two-hand run safety operation
  • Equipped with CNC control system for precise angular adjustment
  • Tilting range inwards 45° and outwards 22.5°
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw feed
  • Cutting accuracy +/- 0.1 mm
  • 2 x pneumatic profile supports
  • Windows based industrial PC and 15’’ LCD touch screen color monitor
  • Facility to transfer the cutting list at ‘mdb’+'xls' format via USB and network
  • Remote connection via internet and providing technical support
  • Barcode printer & image print
  • Automatic slicing feature
  • Profile height measuring system (DC 550 SKH)
  • The angle setting of the heads is ensured with servo control system
  • The position setting of the moving head is en sured with servo control system


• Equipped with saw blades 2 X Ø 550 mm
• Roller conveyor & 2 x pneumatic profile supports
• Spray saw blade lubrication system
• Barcode printer
• 4 X horizontal clamps
• 2 X vertical clamps
• Air gun


• Machine with the length of 5m and 6m
• Profile Length Stop for cutting short pieces (DKN 60 with digital unit, DKN 61 with ruler)
• VCE 1570 Chip vacuum extractor
• Chip removal conveyor belt
• Additional pneumatic profile support arm
• DLG 100 - DLG 200 - DLG 300 Digital length gauge


  • PVC
  • Alüminyum
  • Hırdavat