CRM 201 S - Template Copy Router Machine with Triple Hole & Water Slot Drilling


It is used for the processing of slots for locks, drilling handles, triple, hinges, espagnolette holes and opening
water drain slot on PVC and aluminum profiles

  • Copy fitting operates manually and the figures on the template are machined at 1:1 ratio
  • The aluminum profiles up to 3 mm of wall thickness can be machined with a strong spindle motor
  • The cutting fluid controlled with a joystick is sprayed to the milling spot
  • Slots in varied lengths and widths can be opened without using the copy milling template
  • The length of the water drain slot is adjustable on the template
  • Copy milling motor is directly controlled via joystick
  • Reference stops at 2 sides of the milling machine
  • Standard equipped with inlet-outlet conveyor
  • Ergonomic hand control unit
  • On the horizontal axis there is triple hole drilling mechanism
  • Pneumatically working water slot opening system


  • Ø 5mmx L :80mm of router bit
  • Air gun
  • 2 x profile stops both left and right
  • Spray tool lubrication system
  • 2x horizontal clamps
  • 2x vertical clamps


  • Additional router bits
  • Special copy templates




2200 W

6-8 Bar

8 Lt./dak. Lt./min.

X: 300mm Y: 120mm Z:130 mm

18000 D./dak. RPM

900 D/dak. RPM

64 x 80 x 149 cm



  • PVC
  • Alüminyum
  • Hırdavat