Trends & Developments in the Door and Window Industry

New generation technologies come to the fore in door and window systems that offer protection in different areas such as thermal insulation and security. In addition to PVC doors and windows, the use of which has been increasing day by day since it entered the Turkish market in the 1980s, trendy options in aluminum and wooden products draw attention.

PVC continues to be the most preferred material in the sector with its lightness, affordable cost and durability. With its strong structure, aluminum and steel are among the first choices for exterior doors. Wood material is generally used as a product that completes the concept in mountain and country houses. While PVC and aluminum are the first choice in newly constructed buildings, these products replace wood in renovated buildings. With the developing technology, the designs in which steel and aluminum profile supported products are combined with PVC continue to be the most ideal option by gaining an innovative style.

Door and Window Trends Keep Up-to-Date

Economic changes affected the door and window industry indirectly, as well as the construction industry. Economic anxiety and insecurity, triggered by high inflation in particular, can cause an increase in product prices. It is noteworthy that there has been no major change in the material preferences of the sector, apart from minor differences. According to the report published by the National Envelope and Window Metallic Construction Industries Association (UNICMI) in 2021; PVC continues to be the market leader with a 41% share. While aluminum regresses by 33%, wood closes the period with 26%.

It is thought that the increasing economic fluctuations in the recent period will greatly affect user preference and create a desire to avoid upper segment products. Consumers are expected to turn to the middle segment, known as the price-performance product, for new construction and replacement operations. While all these changes continue, differences emerge in the door and window sector, not in the material but in the perspective of the product.

Environmentalist Projects Stand Out in the Sector

The effects of global warming on the world have changed the consciousness of people towards nature and natural resources. For this reason, environmental studies to protect limited natural resources in production took one step ahead of aesthetic understanding.

The new priority of consumers is high insulation, which also helps to protect natural resources. For this reason, products that maximize the insulation of the space receive incentives with certificates and awards. The companies that carry out R&D studies with environmentalist approaches in the window and door sector and provide the highest insulation win. As the durability and insulation power of PVC material increase, it is possible to replace aluminum in exterior doors.

Turkey achieves international success with leading companies in this market. It maintains its position as a leading market in the Middle East and Europe by maintaining high standards. With the European standards and style coming to the fore in the US construction sector, the way for Turkish companies that follow this is cleared. In short, the growth of companies that attach importance to insulation and keep the pulse of the market with an environmentalist understanding depends on quality production and innovative technologies.

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