Importance of After Sales Support in the Machinery Industry!

Support after sale; It covers subjects such as informing customers after the sale of the product, running the cargo and call center, supplying spare parts, machine maintenance, system renewal, installation training and meeting service requests. After-sales support services planned to make our brand sustainable and increase the trust in us by meeting the needs of our customers; important for the machinery industry. The contributions of our after-sales services, which is a very valuable industrial area, are as follows:

1- We Respond to Requests and Problems

Our customers, who request installation or service after the sale, can inform us about their requests from the contact form when they encounter any problems. In this process, where we value our customer relations, we are with you in both technical and non-technical matters.

2- We Display a Constructive Attitude

When our after-sales customers want support from the relevant services, we analyze their demands and ensure that the machine is maintained. It is important for our customers to specify the machine serial number and model, the date of purchase of the machine, the average daily operating time, voltage and frequency values, and the details of the malfunction that occurred in the machine. In the light of this information, it becomes possible for us to improve maintenance, repair and breakdown processes. We show a constructive attitude to our customers in order to speed up the transactions and meet the demand in the most accurate way.

3- We Offer Advantageous Service Cards for Our Customers

As Yılmaz Machinery, one of the advantages we offer to our customers in our after-sales support services is the service cards. Service cards, which have three options as Platinum, Silver and Gold, offer special privileges to our dealers. By using these cards, it is possible for our customers to benefit from spare parts, technical fault repair or other technical services, even if their products are not under warranty.

4- We Evaluate Feedback

machinery industry; It is a comprehensive field that includes purchasing, production, sales, spare parts supply, logistics and after-sales support services. By evaluating the feedbacks of our customers at all stages of this process, we plan activities to meet their opinions, suggestions, complaints and demands. We consider feedback when developing a new model and product or solving problems and demands on existing machines. Evaluating customer notifications from the relevant service is very important both for the formation of strategies and for the development of the machinery industry.

5- We Offer Educational Support

In order to realize sustainable products and installations in the machinery industry, we provide customers with user manuals and video training content through our manufacturers. By using these contents, our customers can train their personnel, access technical drawings, learn the part details of the machine and operate the machine more accurately.

As Yılmaz Machine, we combine advanced technology and superior quality in our PVC Profile Processing Machines, Support Equipment, Aluminum Profile Processing Machines and Portable Profile Processing Machines products in the machinery industry. In this way, where we aim to acquire a worldwide brand value by improving our manufacturing skills with effective inventions, we attach great importance to our customers and after-sales support services. After the sale of our products, which combine superior quality and advanced technology, you can contact Yılmaz Makine by filling out the relevant form for technical or non-technical issues that you want to get information about. In addition, you can benefit from services such as advantageous service requests, training videos, installation requests, service cards and spare parts supply.



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