Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industry

At Yılmaz Machine, we believe that it is a necessity of the time for companies to pursue the stages of digitalization closely, and adapt digitalization to their own business models in order to be able to take part in the competition in the near future. We incorporate internet technologies that emerged as a solution to the problems experienced in communication during the pandemic into our business models to maintain our contact with our customers without interruption. We maintain our principles of incorporating the latest innovations in the PVC and Aluminum industry, and adapting to the necessities of the time in all our business processes, as we lead the industry by taking steps into digitalization.

As a result of constantly changing and developing technology without slowing down, digitalization has brought about change in every field from product to sales in the manufacturing sector. Machines combined with technology in the age of Industry 4.0 bring a new form to manufacturing, and the internet became the main channel of communication in all business connections, especially during the pandemic. Companies that are able to adapt to the virtual world succeed in eliminating the mandatory restrictions brought by the pandemic, such as social distancing, all over the world. Today, digitalization requires a holistic transformation such as in sales, marketing, and customer relations beyond the renewal of the forms of plant and machinery, and manufacturing process in order to have a competitive edge. At Yılmaz Machine, we set a digital roadmap for offering solutions that will add value to our industry and our customers, as we maintain our position in the global market. We offer many opportunities from a single platform on our renewed website that features modern internet technologies in our digital transformation process.

So what can you do on our website?

In order to be closer to you at any moment and to offer fast and innovative solutions, we have gathered all our operational processes under one roof on our web page. You can reach us on our website to get to know our state-of-the-art products online, view our solutions for your needs, and benefit from our versatile services from R&D and manufacturing to after-sales support. We offer web-based technologies on our renewed page; with the awareness that the internet removes time and place-based restrictions and minimizes the time to reach efficient information.

In the course of our digitalization process that includes using internet technologies, we are much closer to our customers around the world. Yılmaz Machine’s website that  breaks grounds in the PVC and Aluminum sector offers a wide range of transactions including spare parts basket, blog, online product presentations, and interactive meetings. The system we have integrated into the digital environment enables users to access everything they need such as product selection, and obtaining information now much faster and easily. Our webinar page aims to give our customers a different point of view on the industry and digital transformation.

You can also attend our Digital Summit event we organized to learn about Yılmaz Machine’s digitalization steps and to integrate yourself into Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. Digital Summit is an interactive event where Yılmaz Machine’s board of directors and expert staff get together with our domestic and international customers online. In addition to our digitalization process, our new website will also be launched at the event. Just complete the application form and follow the calendar to attend the platform free of charge. Complete the application form to join this special event, held in the scope of digital transformation, and where you can check out all stages of the transformation process, and be a part of the digital transformation!



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