Fensterbau frontale, the most important global organization of the PVC and aluminum processing industry, was held in Nuremberg, Germany on 12-15 July. The alm 6510 aluminum processing center and the cdc 600 profile processing center, which Yılmaz Machinery exhibited for the first time at the fair, attracted great attention from industry professionals.

Yilmaz Makine, the leading brand of Turkey in the production of PVC and aluminum profile processing machines, increases its brand awareness on a global scale every year. Exporting its products and services to over 100 countries in the world, Yılmaz Machine also continues to participate in global sectoral fairs to strengthen its effectiveness abroad.
In this context, Yılmaz Makine participated in Fensterbau Frontale, which is shown as the world’s most important PVC and aluminum processing technologies fair and held in Nurenberg, Germany on July 12-15, physically exhibiting the state-of-the-art ALM 6510 Aluminum Processing Center and CDC 600 Profile. In addition to the Machining Center, it had the opportunity to introduce all 26 models it produced to the fair visitors with the continuous online connection with the Digital Studio.


ALM 6510 Aluminum Machining Center, physically exhibited by Yılmaz Machine at the fair, was developed in the technological machinery design group and was designed to meet all the needs of the industry with its compact structure, easy and understandable language, domestic software and precise saw cutting angle. While all parts of ALM 6510, which is produced with advanced engineering calculations and design experience, are developed with great care and seriousness, ALM 6510, developed for aluminum profile operations that require serial and precision, stands out with its ability to fulfill all the functions required by the industry.
Another product physically exhibited at Fensterbau Frontale was the CDC 600 Profile Machining Center. CDC 600, which meets the cutting capacity demands of many domestic and international customers of Yılmaz Machine, offers the highest processing capacity with five axes for the cutting processes of large-sized profiles. CDC 600, which has a new generation 4 KW motor and a 600 mm saw blade, provides the cutting movements in five axes with a servo motor and provides the opportunity to adjust the speed according to the profile structure to be processed, with the monitoring of the new generation motor that provides movement to the saw unit on the screen.


Fensterbau Frontale, which was held simultaneously with the Holz-Handwerk fair and attended by 708 exhibitors from 33 countries, hosted approximately 28,500 visitors from more than 100 countries for four days. Yılmaz Makine was among the most visited brands at the fair, which presented the latest trends in window, door and facade construction to its visitors.
Yilmaz Machinery, which produces with 100% domestic engineering, maintains its leadership in the sector for years, and continues to produce products that compete with its competitors in every field abroad. Yılmaz Machine, which was able to offer online technical support to every corner of the world with its important innovative investment during the epidemic period, Digital Studio, and made a difference in after-sales services with this aspect, managed to get full marks from the industry professionals it met during the fair.

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