Yılmaz Makine is in South America with Webinar Series!

With the COVID-19 pandemic epidemic, Yılmaz Makine has accelerated its efforts to offer “Online Product Experience” to its business partners and customers, and now continues its webinar publications in South America.

Yılmaz Makine, which offers the PVC Profile Processing Center (PIM 6508) model in “Serbian” to its customers in the Balkan region and who are interested in the sector, made a presentation with the participation of business partners for South America and Spain countries, who have a command of Spanish language all over the world.

Many people from various cities in South America and Spain attended the event of Yılmaz Makine, who organized a webinar featuring the Profile Processing Center PIM 6508 model in Spanish. In the event, where business partners in the region participated as speakers and introduced themselves to the relevant countries, İbrahim and Bey, the representative of our Argentina office, and Sergio Daquino from his technical team were also present and answered the questions.

In addition to providing information to the participants, the events, which also offer attractive price advantages, will continue for other regions and countries of the world.

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