Yılmaz Makine Continues Its Webinar Series! - YILMAZ MACHINE

Yılmaz Makine Continues Its Webinar Series!

Yılmaz Makine Continues Its Webinar Series!

With the COVID-19 pandemic pandemic, Yılmaz Makine continues its webinar series to provide “Online Product Experience” to its business partners and customers.

Firstly, Yılmaz Makine, which presented the PVC Profile Processing Center (PIM 6508) model in Serbian to its customers, then made a presentation to all Latin America with the participation of its business partners. Finally, unlike the previous ones, Yılmaz Makine, who organized a webinar featuring “PVC Welding and Corner Cleaning Line (1660)” and “Aluminum Machining Center Series (AIM 4420-7420,7510)” models in Russian, Many people from various cities attended. The event, which was also attended by the business partner in the region as a speaker, was also attended by After Sales Support Supervisor Vasfi Şahin and answered the questions.

In addition to providing information to the participants, the events, which also offer attractive price advantages, will continue for other regions and countries of the world.

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