THE 21ST EDITION OF EURASIA WINDOW HELD IN TUYAP EXHIBITION AND CONGRESS CENTER BETWEEN MARCH 4, 2020 AND MARCH 7, 2020 HOSTED INDUSTRIAL PROFESSIONALS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD MAINLY FROM THE EURASIAN COUNTRIES. YILMAZ MACHINE SHOWCASED ITS CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS SUCH AS PIM-6509, AIM- 4420, AND NCR-300 THAT TOOK ALL THE ATTENTION. Eurasia Window, held simultaneously with Eurasia Door and Eurasia Glass every year is recognized as the most important trade show in Eurasia. Eurasia Window 2020 held in Istanbul TUYAP Fair Convention and Congress Center between March 4, 2020 and March 7, 2020 hosted thousands of industrial professionals from more than ten countries around the world, and presented the latest technologies to visitors. Yılmaz Machine welcomed its visitors, and domestic and foreign partners in Hall 7 at Eurasia Window 2020, the trade show  that hosted industrial professionals and the firms operating in various fields such as window manufacturing machines, window manufacturing technologies, window profiles, profile manufacturing machines, profile manufacturing technologies, window mechanisms, window sub-industry, facade systems, and insulation materials. “WE EXHIBITED THE POWER OF TURKISH ENGINEERING” Yılmaz Machine exhibited its high-tech, functional, fast, and high-end machines made to meet customer requirements in Hall 7 at Eurasia’s most important trade show to exhibit window/profile manufacturing technologies and machines. At the trade show where PIM-6509, AIM-4420, SK-500, SNM-550, and NCR-300, the machines designed  and manufactured by Yılmaz Machine’s R&D  team were exhibited  Abdullah Yılmaz, Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, Yılmaz Machine emphasized that Yılmaz Machine could compete with its rivals in other countries not only on price but also on quality and technology. “This year we participated in many trade shows at which we held more business meetings than the previous year. We got together with many business partners from Turkey and other countries, and had the chance of discussing our future strategies. In terms of our sector, Eurasia Window is the most important trade show held in Eurasia. Every year, thousands of companies exhibit their newest products and services here, and present their new technologies to manufacturers and end users. At Yılmaz Machine, although we were not so afraid of potential coronavirus threats, we took all the necessary health and safety precautions before we exhibited the machines developed by our R&D teams of Turkish engineers. We are very happy with industrial professionals’ interest in our products. Yilmaz Machine is dedicated to supply its customers with the latest technology at reasonable prices without compromising on quality. We are proud of achieving this with our domestic and national resources. Our business partners, and visitors, I should like to thank you all for your support. THE NCR-300 CAN PROCESS FOUR SURFACES IN ONE GO “NCR-300, the CNC-controlled 4-axis machine” was the first innovative machine exhibited by Yılmaz Machine at Eurasia Window, and the newest model developed by Yılmaz Machine’s R&D team. The NCR-300 made for medium to high segment markets has the same features with CNC machines, and attracted attention for its more advantageous price. The NCR-300, designed and manufactured in accordance with the feedbacks from Yılmaz Machine’s domestic and international customers, features a ready-made stencil that can allow the user to adjust the dimensions according to the workpiece to have various types of patterns, and to save the new patterns for reuse. The NCR-300 has a unique and distinctive feature that many CNC machines do not have: The NCR-300 is capable of processing four surfaces on profiles in in one go, and this helps users save considerable amount of time. AIM-4420: THE POWER OF ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY “AIM-4420 Aluminum Profile Processing Center”, the high-tech machine specifically designed to perform machining, drilling, grooving, notching, taping, and sawmilling on all types of aluminum and PVC profiles, light alloys, and thin-walled carbon alloy steel profiles was the second product Yılmaz Machine showed at the trade show. AIM-4420, the CNC-controlled 4-axis machine with advanced asymmetrical construction was designed to meet customer requirements such as manufacturing speed. CONTROL THE TIME WITH THE PIM-6509 “PIM-6509 PVC Profile Processing Center” was the third of Yılmaz Machine’s high-tech machines exhibited at the trade show, and like the NCR-300, the PIM-6509 made in accordance with the feedbacks from Yılmaz Machine’s domestic and international customers helps manufacturers that manufacture doors, windows, and sun rooms in construction sector save time. The PIM-6509’s processing module enables the use of 10 different types of lathes and triple boring, and the machine can process profiles in one axis without changing tools to save considerable amount of time, and saving time also refers to manufacturing more number of frames.

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