Yılmaz Machine R & D Center started the operation. - YILMAZ MACHINE

Yılmaz Machine R & D Center started the operation.

Yılmaz Machine R & D Center started the operation.

Yılmaz Machine, one of the first companies to come to mind in terms of R & D, continues to invest in this area without slowing down. Yılmaz Machine, the leading manufacturer of PVC and aluminium profile processing machines in the sector, continues to invest in technology and industry as well as R&D center with a factory area of ​​1.500 square meters.

Mahmut Yılmaz, the Investment Project Manager of the R&D Center of Yılmaz Machine, said that the R&D center provides two main advantages to the company: financial and technical advantages. “Financial advantages are primarily the SSI employer share support, R&D discount and also income tax withholding discount; whereas, the technical advantages include the creation of R&D culture within the company, the systematization of R&D projects, as well as the serious advantages provided by the public and grant programs following the receipt of the R&D center certificate approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology”.

Evaluating the basic point of view of the public on the R&D centers, Yılmaz stated that as Turkey goes to 2023 targets, the institutions have to be more technology-oriented, to produce high value added products and to increase their exports.

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