Important Notice – About Covid-19 Risky and Restrictions

Important Notice – About Covid-19 Risky and Restrictions

Dear Customers,

In pursuance of the government authorities’ decisions, and due to the increasing number of cases in Turkey, we have to minimize the number of visitors to our head office until May 30, 2021 to protect you and our employees.

In this regard, your cooperation is required and we kindly ask you to follow the below listed regulations laid down by our management; we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation;

Visitors without appointment will not be allowed in our premises between April 12, 2021 and May 30 2021.

Visitors to the site will be accepted in the tent in the parking lot in our front yard.

Domestic guests and visitors to the technical service department will be accepted in the designated area, and will not be allowed to enter the premises.

All deliveries including letters, goods, and parcels from suppliers, forwarders, and couriers will be accepted by our secretary in charge in the designated area.

Thank you for your understanding!

Kindest regards Yılmaz Machine


الوظائف المقترحة


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