A First from Yılmaz Machine; “Istanbul Meetings 2016” - YILMAZ MACHINE

A First from Yılmaz Machine; “Istanbul Meetings 2016”

A First from Yılmaz Machine; “Istanbul Meetings 2016”

Yılmaz Machine, which brought together domestic dealers with the organization “Istanbul Meetings 2016” last year for the first time, launched also another novel this year, and held an organization by the participation of the dealers at home and abroad under the 39th year celebrations.

The dealers from abroad were invited to the day session of the activity, which was held simultaneously with Istanbul Window Fair in Europark Hotel on March 10th. The meeting started with the opening speech of Board Member Abdullah Yılmaz, and then Sales and Marketing General Director Ali Snopçe took the stage. Following the presentations of Regional Sales Managers Mustafa Yıldız, Emre Tümkor and Operational Manager Hayati Asma; Barış Yıldırım and R&D Manager Eray Çelik addressed the marketing activities, and new models and their features, respectively.

In the evening session, the opening of organization where the domestic dealers were invited, was made by Eyüp Yılmaz, the Chairman of the Board. Following the brief addressing and presentation of Ali Snopçe, Domestic Sales Manager Serdar Akgül cited the objectives and next year plans, and the meeting was ended with the presentation of Barış Yıldırım on Marketing, and of Eray Çelik on R&D.

The organization which is planned to be re-held next year ended with a pleasant dinner.

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