Yılmaz Machine, Make a Difference with Its Thematic Programs!

Core Of The Business And Wide Vision Broadcasts on YılmazMachineTV Preparing to Start.

Being one of the most important digitization steps of Yılmaz Machine during the Epidemic Period, the Digital Studio draws attention with its colorful content as well as its educational content. Two New Thematic Programs of YılmazMachineTV, which broadcasts from the Digital Studio, are getting ready to start broadcasting in the coming days.

Yılmaz Machine, the leading brand of Turkey in the production of PVC and aluminum profile processing machines, continues to enrich its activities in the online world.

Digital Studio, one of the most important digitalization steps taken by Yılmaz Machine during the epidemic period, attracted the attention of the industry with many online broadcasts in the past two years and became one of the most important competitive elements of Yılmaz Machine during the epidemic period. In the Digital Studio, where content is produced on a wide platform from online fair broadcasts to training programs, from dealer meetings to after-sales technical support services, colorful and entertaining content, as well as educational content, will be produced for YılmazMachineTV. In this context, two new thematic programs, which are under preparation, will soon meet with the audience on the official YouTube page of Yılmaz Machine.

While the first of the thematic programs, “Core of the Business”, was prepared with the presentation of Yılmaz Academy Manager Eray Yılmaz, solution partners of Yılmaz Machine, machine materials manufacturers, unit managers or R&D officials will be hosted in the program. In the program, besides industry and R&D topics, new technologies and product models of Yılmaz Machine and its solution partners will be introduced. While the program is being prepared in Turkish and English languages, it will also have English and Spanish subtitles support.

The program named “Wide Vision”, which will be prepared and presented by Yılmaz Machine’s Sales and Marketing Manager Ali Snopçe, will focus on the PVC and aluminum processing industry in terms of sales and marketing, and finance. In the program, all business partners, manufacturers and managers, and officials working in associations that provide services and support in the field of sales and marketing in the sector will come together. “Wide Vision”, where financial data will be discussed as well as activities that will increase the profitability of the enterprises, the problems experienced by the enterprises, innovations and developments in sales and marketing, new market trends, and export development actions, will be prepared in Turkish and English, and will also offer English and Spanish subtitle support.

You can access all the contents of YılmazMachineTV, which broadcasts from Yılmaz Machine’s official YouTube account, from the link below.



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