DK 503 - Double Corner PVC Welding Machine


The machine is ideal for welding process of PVC plastic profiles at two corners.

  • Fully automatic two corner welding of PVC window profiles at an angle of 90°
  • The possibility of precise welding of profiles between 30°-180° on the left head
  • All parameters such as melting and welding time, welding pressure are set on the control panel independently
  • Continuous precision of welding quality by means of linear rails
  • Welding two corners of window frames or sash profiles are carried out in one cycle
  • User-friendly with practical Teflon change feature by means of the roller system
  • Saving of time by means of most practical mold change system in the market
  • Capable of adjusting the clamp and welding pressure according to the profile type
  • Adjusting the heat between 0-300°C via electronic thermostat
  • Practical setting of standard (2 mm) or seamless (0.2 mm for free of flashes) welding options
  • The movable right unit moves manually and left welding unit is fixed at 90°
  • After clamping the profiles, the welding is carried out automatically
  • After clamping the profiles, the welding is carried out automatically
  • For safety reasons, the clamp pistons operate with low pressure
  • Equipped with two pcs. of support arms
  • The heads have 50 mm of opening stroke after welding for easy extraction of frames


• 1 set of sash welding mold


• Special welding molds on demand


3 kw-1 230v 50-60Hz.

6-8 Bar

32 lt/dak.


Max: h:180mm

Max: b:140mm

a:30 - 180

75x430x170 cm



  • PVC
  • Alüminyum
  • Hırdavat