AIM 4410-4 Axes Aluminium Profile Processing Center


AIM 4410 is 4-axis servo controlled machining center which is designed to perform drilling, grooving, notching, taping,
saw milling, etc. on all kinds of aluminum profiles, light alloys in general and thin walled steel profiles.
Efficient and economic processing on the five sides of the profiles is possible with this fully automatic machining center.
AIM 4410 : 4 Mt.


  • CNC automation system providing motion control at 4-axis
  • 2 x separate magazine unit for 12 standard tools and 1 for saw blade with ᴓ180 mm
  • Solid steel construction of the body and dynamic performance gantry
  • Automatic clamp recognition and clamp positioning are available
  • Tapping feature (optional)
  • Special sound insulation cabinet around the machining center
  • CNC controlled spray tool lubrication system
  • 4 x automatic clamps used for grabbing the work piece firmly
  • 2 x pneumatic rests used for resetting the work piece in X direction
  • Hand held controller allows you to prove the job before running at speed
  • Optimum safety barier
  • 10’’ color touch screen
  • Program import via USB flash memory stick
  • Standard ISO ‘G’ code programming language
  • Automatic central guide lubrication system
  • LED lighting in the cabinet
  • Multi-language support


     • Work station PC for CAM applications
     • Compensation chuck
     • Chip removal conveyor belt
     • Tool car
     • Additional clamps
     • Saw blade, tools, tool holder and collets
     • Oil mist blower
     • Options on demand


15 kW

3000 RPM

D:180 max.

d : 3 0 m m

6 Bar

250 lt/min

Ømax: 63 mm

W= 2050

H= 2200

L = 6250